FMV Adventure The Dark Side of the Moon Gets a New Trailer

Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon arrives this week and there’s now a gameplay trailer to whet your appetite for the FMV adventure.

The Dark Side of the Moon, developed and published by Tayanna Studios, follows Dean, a single father whose children have mysteriously disappeared. Antagonised by Evil Richard O’Brien aka Gideon (played by Contradiction’s Rupert Booth), he’s prepared to go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to get them back.

The trailer, which you can watch below, doesn’t just show FMV footage but also gives glimpses of actual gameplay, including choosing dialogue, solving puzzles and so on. The game will sport five endings; we’re guessing that at least two of them will be horribly, relentlessly miserable, putting even The Walking Dead to shame.


While there’s a distinct lack of explosions and Inception-style bwahs, it does have us looking forward to game’s final release. Booth looks to be having a whale of a time and Darran Hall looks well up to task of playing distraught dad Dean, though there was one micro-second when we could have sworn he turned into Johnny Vegas. The Shapeshifting Detective’s Anarosa Butler also puts in a turn as a conspiracy enthusiast who will no doubt have her moment of I Told You So.

The one downside to watching the trailer is that we’re now trying to figure out what The Big Twist is; we’ve already got a couple of theories bouncing around in our heads. But we’ll have to wait till The Dark Side of the Moon arrives on PC, via the Steam store, this March 12th.