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Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields is Riding Onto Steam This April

This April, Forgotten Fields invites you to jump on a moped and leave the bustling city behind.

And by “bustling” we mean “as deserted as that city in Day of the Dead” but, for the sake of Forgotten Fields we’re going to pretend Coronavirus isn’t a thing. This indie adventure follows an author on his trip back to his old homestead, before it’s sold and forever beyond his reach. Heavily inspired by Goa, India (though Singham won’t get a look in) you’ll solve puzzles and even play the story your writer protagonist is crafting.

“”I’m really excited to share a game world based off Goa, India with the rest of the world”. explains creator  Armaan Sandhu. “I think it’ll be a very new and unique experience, and I can’t wait to see what players think of it!.”

We’re certainly intrigued, not least by the first-person moped sections. Coupled with Forgotten Fields‘ graphical style they remind us of Jalopy, which saw you crossing a Soviet republic in a thoroughly unreliable vehicle.

Forgotten Fields will arrive on PC, via Steam on April 14th, with an initial 15% launch discount.


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