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Overwatch PachiMarchi

Get the Weirdest Roadhog Skin in Overwatch’s PachiMarchi Challenge

Blizzard is giving players new – and kind of disturbing – content in Overwatch.

That new content comes in the form of a new character-based challenge. We’ve seen them before for other characters, such as Ana’s Bastet Skin or Baptiste’s Battle Medic Skin. This time around the character getting the VIP treatment is Roadhog.

The name of the event is the PachiMarchi Challenge and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t find Roadhog’s new skin a little disturbing. For those that may not know, a Pachimari is basically an onion with tentacle legs and it is proudly known as the Overwatch mascot. You’ll find Pachimari plushies all over the levels of the game and you can even get your own.

Roadhog’s special skin for the PachiMarchi Challenge is inspired by that oniony mascot – and it might just make you cry like a real onion. Roadhog’s skin includes a white mask, a big Pachimari logo on his stomach and a belt that reads “#1 fan.” You can pick up the skin along with a new player icon and a new Junkrat emote just by playing the game. Win 9 matches and you’ll unlock everything – it’s as easy as that.

You’ll also receive six Pachimari-themed sprays just for logging into the game.

The PachiMarchi challenge is live now until the 22nd and you can log in any time to collect the rewards. Check out the trailer for the challenge below.

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