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Green Hell

Green Hell Will Bring its Jungle Nightmare to Consoles

After making its debut on PC, jungle survival sim Green Hell is arriving on consoles.

We’ve been waiting to revisit Green Hell ever since we played and reviewed it on PC, dubbing it a “thoroughly engaging survival outing”. Though, the more we think about it, the more we think we’ll need to strengthen our resolve for the trip.

This is, after all, game that has you picking parasitic worms out of your arms with fish bones, greedily cramming armadillo flesh into your face just to keep yourself alive.

And now, with Green Hell‘s upcoming console release, we’ve got a reason to return to the jungle, squirmy wrist worms and all. There is a story to Green Hell, but living long enough to uncover the “truth” requires you master the art of survival.

Every other animal in this Amazonian rainforest hates you (probably) and you can count on living being a real fight. You can play it as a multiplayer game which should, in theory, increase your chances or survival but it’s also possible you’ll all be as woefully incompetent.

A console release has been on the cards for a while now; it was pencilled in for a Q4 2020 release but was pushed back. Green Hell is now set for a June release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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