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Groundbreaking 90s Show GamesMaster is Getting a Book

Remember GamesMaster, the ground-breaking 90s gaming show? No? Then you’re younger than we are and we hate you for it.

Actually, that’s not entirely fair. We do still hate you if you’re younger than us, but GamesMaster was very much a UK show, so if you grew up elsewhere it’s understandable that you missed it.

But for a whole generation of UK kids, with the domestic internet being in its infancy, GamesMaster was a great way to see upcoming games in action, to watch celebrities make fools of themselves and just bathe in the anarchic chaos of it all. This was a children’s show where the host “burnt to death” and ended up hosting subsequent episodes from heaven a hell, which should give you an idea why it was so appealing. GamesMaster even spawned a magazine which outlasted the show by 20 years, though it ceased publication in 2018.

Except for one series when it was hosted by Dexter Fletcher and unofficially became known as Gamesmastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Presenter and columnist Dominik Diamond was the show’s host and now, 23 years after the show finished, he’s helming an oral history of GameMaster dubbed, er, GameMaster: The Oral History. Funded through Kickstarter, the book takes a look at each individual series of the show, with stories from over 40 cast and crew members.

There’s no mention of whether Dexter Fletcher will contribute but we’re looking forward to hearing stories about the late Patrick Moore who was the titular ‘Games Master’ despite having next to no knowledge of or interest in games. The book looks set to smash its £45,000 goal; with 27 days to go it’s less than a thousand pounds away.

If you’re a child of the 90s, or you just want to read about a man’s struggles to make bandanas the height of fashion, you can back GamesMaster: The Oral History here. 

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