How Long Does it Take to Beat Mundaun?

Mundaun 2 (2)

With its hand-pencilled textures, Mundaun is a horror game like other. Though if you’re thinking about buying it, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat it.

Tasking players with finding out what led to its protagonist’s grandad being burned alive inside his barn, Mundaun is a dark adventure into the unknown. Its gameplay is largely led by puzzles – you’ll often find yourself at an impasse, and the only way to proceed is to find a solution to a problem. With that in mind, how quickly you’ll beat Mundaun largely depends on how efficiently you solve its puzzles, as well as how often you go off the beaten path to explore.

Head straight through Mundaun, solving its puzzles without much of a fuss, and you’ll likely beat in about 5 hours. Don’t be surprised if it takes you up to 9 hours to beat the game if you take time to explore and get stuck on the occasional puzzle, however. It’s also worth mentioning that Mundaun has multiple endings to discover, so you might find yourself wanting to play through it multiple times. So, while one playthrough of Mundaun will last 5-9 hours, you might end up spending 20 or so hours with it.