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It Takes Two

How to Beat the Bull in It Takes Two

About half-way through It Takes Two, the latest game from Hazelight Studios, you’ll find yourself in a tense battle against a giant metal bull. How do you beat it? Here’s what you need to know.

At this point in the game, Cody has time-reversal powers, and May has the ability to clone herself. These are two key abilities in beating the bull in It Takes Two. You’ll need to use them both – and you’ll need to be quick.

You’ll notice a giant bull statue at the edge of the room – this is key to defeating the bull that’s chasing after you. At the foot of the statue is a circle on the floor; by using his time manipulation powers, Cody can make this circle a button, which May can then stand on. The button removes a wall, which makes the statue open to an attack. Essentially, you need to get the statue to fall on the bull. Easy, right?

Well, almost. May needs to create a clone of herself at the other side of the room (hold down L2/LT). She then needs to stand on the button, which will prompt the bull to charge at her. Just as the bull starts charging, the player in control of May needs to switch to the clone (R2/RT), thus moving out of the way. The bull will now charge into the statue, damaging itself.

You need to repeat this three times in total, with the second and third times requiring Cody to reverse time enough so the statue is back in place. It’s exactly the same procedure each time. Once you know what you’re doing, the bull is easy enough to beat; the player in control of May just needs to remember to set down a clone and jump to it just as the bull starts charging. Don’t leave it too late!

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