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It Takes Two

How to Beat the Toolbox in It Takes Two

As you make your way through It Takes Two, you’ll eventually have to face off against a villainous toolbox.

Like all bosses in the game, beating the toolbox in It Takes Two is a multi-phase fight that might leave you stumped. But with the right know-how, it’s easily defeated.

In the first phase of the fight, you simply need to avoid the toolbox’s attacks until it brings its right arm down and sweeps it from right to left. When that happens, both players need to jump over the arm, then whoever’s playing as Cody needs to quickly take aim, and nail the arm to the side of the wooden platform. With the arm held in place, the toolbox is defenceless, but May needs to reach it to attack. To do that, Cody needs to fire additional nails into the two small wooden planks attached to the toolbox’s arm, allowing May to swing across with her hammer. Once may is on the small platform at the side of the toolbox, she needs to break the padlocks attached to it.

Once one padlock has been destroyed, May will be catapulted back to the platform from which she came. With that, the next phase of the fight will begin. Once again, both players need to avoid the toolbox’s attacks until it brings its right arm down to swipe from right to left again. Do the same as before – jump over the arm, and get Cody to nail it to the side of the arena before placing some nails in the additional wooden planks, allowing May to cross. With the second padlock destroyed, May will once again be catapulted back the original platform.

The third and final phase of the fight against It Takes Two‘s nefarious toolbox is where things get tricky. Blades will cut away at the platform you’re on, reducing the amount of space you have to avoid the toolbox’s attacks. Also, with its right arm out of action, it’ll instead attack with its left arm, which is equipped with some kind of scraping tool which it attempts to swat you with. Keep avoiding its swatting attempts until its arm gets stuck on the platform – at that point, Cody needs to stand on the scraper, and May needs to bring her hammer down on the yellow switch at the side of it. That will catapult Cody into the air, allowing him to shoot nails into the gas canister resting on top of the toolbox. Repeat the process until the gas canister explodes and the toolbox is defeated.

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