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It Takes Two

How to Beat the Wasp Queen in It Takes Two

The Wasp Queen is the second major boss you’ll come up against in It Takes Two, and she puts up a good fight. Here’s how to beat her.

This is a boss fight all about co-operation; both the player in control of Cody and the player in control of May will need to work together and co-ordinate in order to defeat the Wasp Queen in It Takes Two.

Ultimately, you’ll need to fire attacks at the giant robot Wasp Queen; she has a number of ‘X’ marks on her. Those are where you need to attack her. But it’s not as simple as that. You’ll also have to deal with endless swarms of wasps, too.

To damage both the wasp swarms and the Wasp Queen herself, Cody first needs to fire his sap gun, leaving an orange sticky substance on the target. May then needs to use her flame gun to ignite the sap, doing a good amount of damage.

It’s wise to try and thin out the swarms of wasps first, as they can cause lots of damage to both players. But in between firing at the swarms, the player in control of Cody should make sure they’re also firing sap at the ‘X’ marks on the Wasp Queen. When the player in control of May gets a chance, they should then ignite those areas with their own gun.

Bear in mind that there are two ‘X’ marks on the back of the Wasp Queen; you’ll need to ride the rails in order to get around.

When you’ve done enough damage, you’ll switch to a top-down view where your only goal is to avoid incoming attacks from swarms of wasps. Keep on the move; you don’t need to attack here – simply avoid getting hit. Make good use of your ‘dash’ move here. Eventually, you’ll switch back to split screen and be able to damage the Wasp Queen again.

The final stage of the Wasp Queen battle in It Takes Two is completely on the rails. Here, you’ll need to avoid (and damage) in coming swarm attacks while trying to damage the Queen. Cody needs to fire sap at the chain holding up the Wasp Queen, followed by May shooting her fire gun at it. Do that two or three times, and you’ll win. Be sure to pay close attention to the incoming swarms during this phase however, as you’ll often need to jump over them as they perform sweeping attacks.

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