How to Gain Intel in Evil Genius 2

Evil Genius 2

Essentially another word for ‘information’, intel is very important in Evil Genius 2, and you’ll need it in order to progress. But how do you gain Intel? Here’s what you need to know.

Intel is basically key information that can be extracted from your enemies. And, in the world of Evil Genius 2, intel is everything. There are a couple of ways to gain intel, and you’ll need to do both if  you want to succeed.

Firstly, you’re able to gather intel automatically via your Control Room, but you’ll need to research the correct equipment first. In the ‘Global Operations’ tab in the Research menu, the very first node you can research is the Computer Console. Unlocking this allows you to place a Computer Console within your Control Room. Then, when a minion is working at it, they’ll automatically gather intel. However, you’ll gain this at a fairly slow pace. You can have multiple Computer Consoles, but you’ll be wise collecting intel another way, too.


The second way you can gain intel in Evil Genius 2 is by interrogating your enemies. Often, undercover agents will sneak into your facility. You can kill them or imprison them – and imprisoning them is usually the best option (providing you have a prison facility built, of course). Once they’re in a cell, you can choose to interrogate them. Click on their cell, then select ‘escort prisoner’. Right-click on an interrogation device.

Interrogation will always gain you some intel points. However, there’s one rather drastic side-effect: interrogating a prisoner always kills them. Whoops. Be careful not to interrogate too often, as it raises your heat level. But in small doses, and managed regularly, it’s the best way to gain intel in Evil Genius 2.