How to Make Coffee in Mundaun

Mundaun 1 (2)

As you make your way through Mundaun, you’ll come up against a variety of horrors that will strike fear into its protagonist, Curdin.

When Curdin gets scared in Mundaun, he’ll hold his hands up in fright, and his walking speed will get slower and slower. Needless to say, it’s not ideal, and Curdin’s reluctance to run may inevitably lead to his death. there’s is a way to increase Curdin’s resistance to fear, however: drinking coffee.

With each cup of coffee you drink, Curdin becomes less effected by the horrors around him, improving his chances of surviving an encounter. The only problem is, you don’t just find coffee lying around for Curdin to drink – you need to brew it yourself.

To make coffee in Mundaun, you need multiple items. First, you need a bowl full of water. You’ll find a bowl with a large handle in the first kitchen you come across in Mundaun. Pick it up, and you can add it to your inventory. With the bowl in your possession, you can then collect water with it in a well. There’s generally a well located near every safehouse in the game where coffee can be made – look for a goat’s head spewing water into a trough.

Once you have a bowl full of water, head to a kitchen. Though to make a cup of coffee, you need a few more things. Coffee beans or granules are also required, of course, as well as a piece of wood to burn, and a cup. Place the bowl of water on top of the cooking device in the kitchen, then place the coffee beans/granules into it. Then, open the hatch below the bowl and place the wood inside. Upon setting fire to the wood, close the hatch and the water should begin to boil.

After a while the water will stop boiling and you’ll have coffee instead. Use your cup on the coffee, and you’ll gain a nice cup of coffee in your inventory. Drink it from there and your fear resistance level will go up. Try to find all packets of coffee beans/granules to max out your fear resistance if you can!