How to Move or Delete a Room in Evil Genius 2

Evil Genius 2

Built a room in your evil lair in Evil Genius 2, but want to move it to somewhere else? Here’s what you need to do.

Annoyingly, there’s no quick option to pick up an already-built room in Evil Genius 2 and move it to somewhere else. Thanks to the way the game’s building system works, it can be hard to ensure you have enough space, especially when some rooms need to grow. So while you can’t relocate rooms, you can delete them and rebuild them somewhere else.

In order to delete a room, go to Build Mode. In Build Mode, select your room type as ‘Dirt’. With Dirt selected, draw an outline that surrounds the room that you want to remove. It doesn’t matter if it has items in; they’ll automatically be set to be sold/deleted. You can sell the items separately first, but there’s no need.

Once your Dirt ‘room’ surrounds the room you want to delete, click confirm. Your minions will now come and refill the room with dirt, removing it from existence.

You’re then free to reuse that space for something else, and move the now-deleted room to wherever you want. To replace the room, you’ll simply need to head to Build Mode, and rebuild the room from scratch, repurchasing the equipment that was within it.