I’m Already Dreading the Return of Bunny Day in Animal Crossing

Zipper T. Bunny, more like Zipper T. EGGS EGGS EGGS.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. March 20th is the actual date, in fact. How do I remember that? I had it marked on every calendar I came across. I had reminders pasted everywhere. My mother probably remembers the day that Animal Crossing: New Horizons released. That’s how excited I was.

And March was a great month for us Animal Crossing obsessees. Regardless of what was going on in the real world – I needn’t remind you – retiring to our island paradise provided the escape we desperately needed. Getting your island set up and meeting your villagers for the first time is really fun. I had my first meteor shower in March. Bought my first few house upgrades. I was living the life.

I think we can all remember when that life started to go down hill. April 1st, 2020. Bunny Day began. We all departed our homes first thing in the morning, excited about one of Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s very first holiday updates. I can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated Easter but you can bet your sweet tush I was going to celebrate Bunny Day.

I sauntered around the island doing my daily chores and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, there he was. Zipper T. Bunny. The man, the myth, the legend. The actual imposter who I think everyone knows isn’t actually an animal, but a man dressed up as an animal in order to gain entrance into the animal sanctuary that is your island.

Animal Crossing Meme 2

Zipper tasks you with finding eggs which he’s hidden around the island in a variety of places. Easy enough. In fact, it was way too easy. There were eggs everywhere. In the sky, the trees, the ground. Even the island’s fish had even been replaced by eggs. It was everyone’s waking nightmare. Oh, you need to catch a specific type of fish? No – have a colourful egg instead. Thankfully, Nintendo heard our cries and turned down the egg spawn rate. But the memory lived within us.

By the time the event was over, every person playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons despised Bunny Day. Not only was the Bunny Day mascot kind of a huge jerk, but we had hundreds and hundreds of eggs we had no idea what to do with. And a dozen or so DIY recipes we would never use.

Animal Crossing Bunny Day

We’re getting close to that dreaded day again. Easter Sunday is just a couple of weeks away. And many of the players in the Animal Crossing community wonder if Bunny Day will be making a return. Surely a company that created the evil fish that is the Sea Bass is sure to bring back the community’s most hated holiday. But who is to say?

What we can do, despite not knowing, is prepare. Gather up your sharpest fences. Pull out your guard dogs and scariest skeletons. Dig holes all the way around your island. Pull out those giant Godzilla statues. Do anything in your power to keep Zipper T. Bunny away. I’m sure you can even find “wanted” posters of the predatory hare in the Able Shop. Post those around town and he’s sure to stay away.

But just in case he does show up in the next couple of weeks, I have one, very crucial, piece of advice: Don’t… give him… any more eggs.

See you on the egg-shaped battlefield, friends.