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Inner Ashes

Inner Ashes Will Tell a Story About Alzheimer’s

Inner Ashes is a story about Alzheimer’s, told from the inside.

That sounds like a tough order; Alzheimer’s must be a horrifying condition to experience first hand, not that we’d ever want to find out. And, thanks to the nature of the disease, those who are in the late stages of it aren’t exactly in a position to relate their experience.

That’s probably why Calathea Game Studio, working with Sony Spain, have chosen to focus on early onset Alzheimer’s, casting you as a man who’s lost contact with his daughter but isn’t entirely sure why. You can watch the announcement trailer below to get an idea of what to expect from Inner Ashes.

“Players will be able to wander and explore Henry’s mind solving puzzles and witnessing the struggles associated with Alzheimer’s,” the press release explains. What’s interesting about the trailer (and the screenshots we’ve seen) is that they all seem relatively upbeat, as if your protagonist Henry is wandering through some fairy realm. We’re curious to see whether Inner Ashes maintains this atmosphere or if it takes a darker turn later on and Henry ends up roaming some murky mind-swamp, struggling to make sense of his gradually failing memory.

Inner Ashes is a PS4 exclusive and while there’s no definite release date, Calthea and Sony have stated it’s arriving soon.

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