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Chef Life

Nacon Has Unveiled its Upcoming Life Series

Nacon has unveiled a set of five ‘life simulator’ games coming to the PC.

Well, we say life simulator but it appears that management is a strong element of all of the five titles in Nacon’s Life range. Yes, you can engage in the everyday activity the game is intended to simulate but you can also boss other people around. So you can be a chef in Chef Life, but also do a Gordon Ramsey impression and turn your kitchen into a living hell.

The five titles that make up Nacon’s Life range are:

  • Train Life – A Railway Simulator
  • Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator
  • Chef Life – A Restaurant Simulator
  • Surgeon Life – A Hospital Simulator
  • Architect Life – A Building Simulator 

Nacon is a publisher so isn’t developing these titles themselves; instead, they’re being created by RingZero Game Studio, Simteract, SimFabric and Cynanide. And yes, we’re happy to report that Chef Life, a game where poisoning your customers is presumably frowned on, is being developed by Cyanide.

Hang on, though, you might be thinking. Nacon? Why I have heard that name before? Because, as of right now, the company is embroiled in legal proceedings against Frogwares, creators of The Sinking City. The action is still ongoing but, with Frogwares accusing Nacon of pirating their Lovecraftian adventure, we’re watching proceedings with interest.

There’s no solid release date for Nacon’s Life titles as yet but they’re expected to arrive some time in 2021 or 2022. And as for the legal shenanigans? Watch this space for more news.

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