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Neptunia ReVerse

Neptunia ReVerse is Coming to PS5 in June

The Neptunia series’ first foray into next generation is only a few months away.

Yesterday, Idea Factory announced that Neptunia ReVerse is coming to PS5 in June. More specifically, it’ll be available on 8th June in North America and 11th June in Europe.

For those hoping for a completely new adventure for the Goddesses, however, you might be disappointed. Instead, Neptunia ReVerse is a re-release of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, which originally released on PS Vita.

The game follows Neptune and three further Goddesse, Vert, Noire and Blanc, in the world of Gamindustri. Each of them is in charge of their own nation, but when a console war breaks out, they find themselves battling for domination. Neptune loses her powers and, by taking control of her, players must fight to restore her rightful place.

Yep, it’s about as mental as it sounds, but for fans of JRPGs, the Neptunia series offers a lot to like, including engaging battles, exploration, wacky storylines and lovable characters.

This new version promises to be “updated and enhanced”; there’s a fresh UI for PS5, improved graphics and new content, including a new fishing mini-game. Idea Factory tout is as the “perfect RPG entry for Neptunia newcomers and for Neptunia fans to relive”. You can’t say fairer than that.

Neptunia ReVerse will be available exclusively on PS5 on 8th June 2021 in North America and 11th June in Europe.

Let’s just hope it’s better than Neptunia Virtual Stars. We remain hopeful.

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