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Open Country Lets You Hunt Animals From Home

Open Country

Open Country, an upcoming hunting sim from 505 Games and Fun Labs, has definitely got our interest.

It’s not because we’re the world’s biggest hunting fans, but because we can’t stop laughing at the premise. According to the press release, you are:

“An all-too-familiar corporate worker drone who yearns for a change from their restrictive city life.” We imagine Open Country will be stacked in your favour but, after encountering a similar scenario in Red Dead Redemption 2, it cracks us up thinking about someone packing up their car and wandering into the the wilderness, only to be skewered or gnawed by whatever they were going to hunt.

Still, Open Country’s protagonist looks a bit more prepared. This upcoming title will give you the freedom to roam, completing side-missions to upgrade your hunting skills and equipment, wandering into town as necessary. There’s a range of creatures to hunt (we’re dying to see if they’re capable of taking your face off) and, unlike some hunting sims, there’s a little climbing involved as well.

You can check out Open Country’s trailer below. It’s set to arrive on the Steam and Epic Games Stores on PC this May 18th.


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