Puzzle Game Tested on Humans: Escape Room is Tricky and Very Fun

Tested on Humans: Escape Room

What would you do if you woke up in a room surrounded by puzzles?

Would you try and solve them? Would you sit and wait for help to come? You can answer these questions yourself in the newest escape room game from mc2games called Tested on Humans: Escape Room.

When you start Tested on Humans you’ll awake in a room with the words, “Wake up, Alex” written on the wall by your bed. You’re not told where you are or what you’re meant to be doing. You’re only given four elements in order to get out of your cell. There are papers on your bed with boxes and numbers, what looks like a sink with coloured cogs, a shelf with some books and a number puzzle with little bulbs. It’s your job to discover what can be solved first. And from there, everything else falls into place.


That’s how your time with Tested on Humans plays out. As you solve puzzles you’ll unlock something that will help you with the next puzzle and the next puzzle, and so and and so forth until you reach the end. As you explore you’ll uncover answers to what is going on and what Alex’s story is.

Tested on Humans is really satisfying to play because you won’t spend too much time in one spot stuck on a single puzzle. I recruited my friend to play the game with me because two heads are better than one, and with our two heads combined we had a pretty good rhythm going at the start. At one point we had both pulled out notebooks and started taking notes – which, in my opinion at least, is a sign of a really good puzzle game.

Tested on Humans: Escape Room

There were times when we felt defeated, but the more you venture around your current area, the more you’ll discover. And each small discovery helps get you closer to the answer you need. Every element in the game – the story, the eerie soundtrack – comes together to make something that feels pretty special.

If you enjoy puzzle games, Tested on Humans: Escape Room is well worth your time; it’s very well put together, in a way that will make you feel like you’re in a real escape room. While some players might get discouraged by a few of the more difficult puzzles, those that persevere will come out the other side happy that they did.

Tested on Humans: Escape Room is available now on Steam.