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Say No a Lot in Upcoming Comedy Game Say No! More

Say No! More

We could all learn to say “no” more in our lives.

Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin feel the same way. That’s why they’re releasing the title Say No! More next month.

In this title you live in a world of yes-men. Everyone says yes to everything – but you’re determined to change that. Players will create their own custom character and jump into their life as an intern whose life mission it is to say “NO!” more often.

Players will use the power of no to confuse people. No-one is used to hearing this foreign word so you can expect them to be thoroughly flabbergasted. Use “no” at just the right time and you’ll send your co-workers reeling.

This adventure title takes on late 90s style, with chunky characters, fun animations and catchy jazz music to complete the package.

Say No! More is available for pre-order today. It is set to release on April 9th for Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS. To celebrate the release of the game, you can get a 10% discount on the game when you pre-order. It was also be available for 10% off for the first week of launch on PC.

Check out a trailer for the game below.

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