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Serious Sam 4 3 (1)

Serious Sam 4 Now Has Mod and Steam Workshop Support

With Serious Sam 4 getting mod and Steam Workshop support, will someone please, please, make a mod that finally lets us finally kill Mental?

Don’t get us wrong, we love the Serious Sam games; we called Serious Sam 4 “a game that you’re likely to play through many times without it feeling like a chore.” But the sole purpose of the Series Sam series’ meandering timeline, mixing in sequels, prequels and interquels, seems to be so Croteam don’t have to come up with a new uber-enemy to fight. Five main games and many, many, spin-offs later, we’re not closer to dispatching Mental, the unfortunately named entity who decided it was a good idea to invade then annihilate Earth.

Still until we get Serious Sam 5: Mental is Missing, official mod support, added today by developers Croteam, should breathe new life into the current title.  At the time of writing there are 46 items on the Serious Sam 4 Steam Workshop including new player models, gory mods, extra modes and more. Want your shotgun to turn enemy heads into bloody chunks? Modders have got you covered.

As a bonus, Serious Sam 4 is currently available for 40% and lot of other Serious Sam games are similar discounted. Serious Sam 4 is currently only available on PC but, fingers crossed, we should see a console release this year.

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