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Social Deduction Game First Class Trouble is Open For Beta Sign-Ups

Social deduction game First Class Trouble is now open for beta sign-ups.

If you’re not a board game aficionado, “Social deduction” might sound like something developers Invisible Walls have made up. But social deduction, working to uncover players hidden roles, has long been a gaming night staple. And with Among Us and now First Class Trouble, it represents a growing class of video games.

PC-based multiplayer game First Class Trouble takes place aboard a space-liner that’s been commandeered by a rogue AI. The players must work together to shut the AI down but the snag is that two of the six players are secretly working for the AI so have to foil their efforts or just plain murder the humans.

You can sign up for the beta playtest right now, which runs between March 14th and March 18th. If you’re lucky, you might be able to jump in immediately, after downloading the 30-gig beta build, that is. The game’s Steam Page has a button to request access, saying “You’ll get notified when the developer is ready for more participants.” However, we applied and were granted access immediately so, if it has a limit, it would seem the beta hasn’t hit it yet.

There’s no definite release date for First Class Trouble’s PC incarnation but Invisible Walls and publisher Versus Evil will reveal details of a potential console release later this year. In the mean time, you can apply for the PC beta here.

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