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Six Things You Might Not Know You Can Do in Fortnite

Fortnite has millions of players that pick up the game on a regular basis.

But how many players actually explore? How many players take their time to sneak into the game’s nooks and crannies? We reckon probably not that many – and Fortnite is filled with fun little secrets that are worth checking out. Here are six things that you might not know you can do in Fortnite.

Zero Point

Fortnite Zero Point

Possibly the coolest looking thing on the Fortnite map right now is the Zero Point right in the centre of the map. It looks like a big glowing orb. You can see it most easily if you’re hanging out in the desert. But did you know that you can actually interact with the Zero Point?

You can jump into the Zero Point and it will shoot you down very quickly into the centre of the map. It reminds us a bit of The Hunger Games; the centre of the map is the like the cornucopia of Fortnite. You’re given some shield as well as a weapon to defend yourself with, but we don’t recommend sticking around for long. Lots of people jump into the Zero Point to take out unsuspecting players.

Jump Into the Stacks

Fortnite Steamy Stacks

Another well-known location on the Fortnite map is the Steamy Stacks. This location is ginormous. You could explore it forever and not find all of the loot that it has to offer. One way to get out of the area if you need to make a quick getaway is by jumping directly into the stacks themselves. The stacks are, of course, the two big towers with purple liquid underneath them.

In order to use the stacks, simply jump above the purple liquid and you’ll shoot up into the air. This is the only place where you’ll be able to redeploy your glider in order to glide down safely to the ground. We like being able to jump into the stacks to make a quick getaway if the circle happened to spawn far away.

Shoot Sharks to Get Loot

Fortnite Sharks

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while you’ve probably run into a shark or two. They can’t spawn in lakes or rivers, but you can definitely run into them if you’re anywhere near the ocean. These sharks are ruthless and can jump out of the water and take a good chunk of your health if you aren’t paying attention. But did you know that you can kill them for loot?

If you look closely you’ll notice that some sharks glow. The colour that they glow represents what kind of loot you’ll get from them. Blue sharks are rare, purple sharks are epic and gold sharks are legendary. Killing a shark that is glowing one of those colours will get you some pretty good loot. Just be careful not to let it pounce out of the water and sink its teeth into you.

Shark Island Port-a-Potty

Fortnite Port a Potty

There’s a location in Fortnite called Shark Island. Appropriately, the island is in the shape of a large shark head. The loot on the island is kind of slim pickings most of the time, but you can sometimes find a decent chest or two. The problem with landing on Shark Island is that it’s right on the outskirts of the map, so it’s not likely to be in the circle.

That means you might have to move fast if you want to make it to the circle. Thankfully, there’s a bit of a secret on the island. As you’re wandering around you’ll come across a blue portable toilet. Normally you can hide inside them, but this one actually acts as a teleportation device to get you off the island. Stinky but convenient!

Stay Alive at Campfires

Fortnite Campfires

We all know what it’s like to finish a firefight with another player and win. You feel great. Powerful even. You might yell into the universe, “I’m the best!”. And then you’ll come to the realisation that you’ve only got five health left and no way to heal yourself. No medkits. No bandages. Not even a flopper to your name.

Thankfully, Fortnite has campfires all over the map that you can stop at. By giving the campfire wood (you have to collect it) you can heal yourself slowly simply by standing next to it. This only lasts a few seconds and you have to stoke the fire to get it to start up again, but if you’ve got enough wood you can heal yourself up pretty nicely. You can even camp at a campfire to survive the storm early on if you need a bit more help getting into the safe circle.

Hide to Sneak Up on Enemies

Fortnite Dumpster

We won’t lie: Fortnite gives us anxiety. Going up against 98 other players that are probably better at the game than you is terrifying. Which is why we love that there are places around the map you can hide. Portable toilets, hay bales, dumpsters – there are plenty of different options and we absolutely love to use this strategy to sneak up on our enemies.

Of course, the problem with this strategy is that the chances of you finding a hiding place inside the safe circle isn’t very good. Plus, your hiding space makes sounds if you’re in there too long. The port-a-potty, for example, starts to make farting sounds. Hilarious, but not exactly stealthy.

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