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Someone Has Created a Pokémon-Style Game inside a Font

Fontemon is a Pokémon style game inside an open-type font. Why does it exist? We have no idea.

We suspect it’s one of these “just to see if we could” things, like climbing Everest or getting Doom running on a pregnancy test. The work of programmer Michael Mulet, Fontemon can be found here, and is played by typing into a text box.

While there are points when you get to make a “decision”, you can type more or less anything you want into the box. The game, entirely squeezed into an open-type font, uses monochrome graphics to show what’s going on. If you lose you backspace and try again until you win.

It’s got a very odd sense of humour, which we definitely appreciate, and there’s a few healthy jabs at how Pokémon essentially has you enslaving animals and forcing them to fight each other. Yes, we know what the ‘lore’ says, but we’re not buying it, and neither is Fontemon; Pokémon trainers are terrible, terrible people.

OpenType fonts are meant to be just that, fonts, used to alter the appearance of text in a document or program; we’d never have imagined someone could squeeze a game inside one. There’s a detailed explanation here, which made our brains hurt before we hit the halfway point but if you’ve got some programming knowledge it’ll probably make more sense to you.

Now, if only someone can get Doom running inside a font.

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