Sony Has Revealed the Next-Gen PSVR Controllers

next gen PSVR controller

You can finally kiss your Move controllers goodbye. The next generation of VR on PlayStation has a completely new look.

Last month, Sony confirmed that it is working on a new VR headset for PS5. Details were scant; all we knew is that it wouldn’t be releasing in 2021. But it seems we can expect a drip-feed of information; today on the PlayStation Blog, we’ve had our first look at the new VR controller.

As of yet, the controllers have no name – the PlayStation Blog refers to them simply as “VR controllers”. We expect they’ll have some snazzy-sounding title in time for launch. They’re a big step away from Move controllers; if you’ve used an Oculus headset in the last couple of years, they’ll look somewhat familiar to you. They’re orb-like in shape, centring around an ergonomic grip that fits neatly in your hands. You’ll need one controller for each hand; unlike Move controllers, which could be used solo in some games, these new controllers are designed to work as a pair. One side has the ‘circle’ and x buttons, while the other size has ‘triangle’ and ‘square’.

Their shape has been specifically designed so players can hold and move them naturally, controlling their hands in-game as fluidly as they can in real life. Of course, many of the technologies that Sony implemented in its new DualSense controller will be found in the new VR controllers too. The triggers are adaptive, adding tension in some games where necessary. There’s also haptic feedback, allowing players to feel more sensations in their hands as they play games. They also include finger touch detection to allow hand gestures in games.

next gen PSVR controller

More importantly is the tracking of the controllers. They’re of course wireless, and will be tracked by the VR headset itself via a ‘tracking ring’ that’s at the bottom of each controller.

The new VR controllers will be making their way to developers “soon”, who can begin working on the next generation of PSVR games. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us – and we’re glad to finally see the back of the generations-old Move controllers.

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