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Cuphead 1 (1)

Genre: 2D Shooter
Difficulty rating: 9/10

Once an Xbox console exclusive, Cuphead has inexplicably found itself on Switch, and we think Microsoft did it on purpose. You see, behind Cuphead‘s colourful and alluring exterior is pure hell in video game form.

A brutally hard 2D shooter that largely forgets about the bits usually found between bosses, Cuphead goes easy on no-one. Spread across a world map you’ll find a large number of boss fights, each of which will push you to the very edge of human endurance. And don’t even think about touching that easier difficulty option, as you ultimately won’t be able to take on the final boss and complete the game.

Bringing a friend along for the ride doesn’t make it any easier, either. With two players on screen there’s twice the chaos, and each player will also do less damage. Still, you’ll have fun trying to defeat Cuphead‘s creative foes until you lose the will to live. For that reason, it deserves its place on our list of the hardest games on Switch.

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