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Flight Simulator

The Suez-Blocking Boat Has Been Modded into Flight Simulator

Someone has mod the canal-blocking container ship “Ever Given” into Flight Simulator 2020.

Typical. You get a week gawping at someone else’s misfortune, being grateful you’re not the one who blocked the Suez Canal and then they go and do something like partially refloat the boat, suggesting the whole vessel will be moved on relatively soon.

The good news is, as reported by PC Gamer, someone has added the Ever Given to Flight Simulator so that every time they soar past the canal they can look down at the ship, imagining the Austin Powers-style shenanigans that are taking place in an effort to dislodge it.

And, as long as they don’t remove the mod, the Ever Given will always be there, blocking billions of dollars of commerce and keeping your next door neighbour from getting their Ikea furniture.

Unfortunately, the mod doesn’t appear to have been made publicly available so for now you’re stuck with the below video showing the mod in action. But we’re champing at the bit to get our hands on this; who wouldn’t want a visual reminder that, no matter how horribly they mess up, they’ve never blocked an international trade route?

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