“The Very Best” is the Pokemon Parody We Didn’t Know We Needed

Pokemon Parody

There’s no shortage of Pokemon parodies on the web, but The Very Best may well be the very best we’ve seen.

Penned by Jeremy Kaplowitz, editor in chief of satirical site Hard Drive, we missed The Very Best when it hit YouTube last year. It wasn’t until Kaplowitz revealed the script for an unaired pilot episode that we decided to track it down, and we’re so glad we did.

There are only two episodes so far and, with the last being posted six months ago, it doesn’t seem like there’s a new one coming any time soon. But the two episodes that are on Kaplowitz’s channel are comedy gold.

What makes The Very Best so good is that it doesn’t straight up copy Ash and his friends; instead, it takes place in another world where ‘Golemon’ are pitched against each other. The series lead is a unmotivated mid-30s slacker who, too lazy to get out of bed in time to collect a starter creature ends up with an animated trash bag as a companion and it just gets better from there.

You can watch Episode 1 above and check out the second episode here on YouTube. We’re not going to spoil the rest for you, but with lines like “Trashaboo, use Hypodermic Needle”, you know you’re in for a treat.