There’s a New Resident Evil Showcase Coming This April

Resident Evil Showcase

Are you excited for Resident Evil Village? This April’s Resident Evil Showcase will give you the chance to see a more of it and grumble that it’s not out already. Probably.

Capcom haven’t revealed the specific date yet for the Showcase or, indeed, the content, but you can all but guarantee that Resident Evil Village will get a mention. In fact, if we had our way, the showcase would just be the development team reading out Lady Dimitrescu thirst tweets.

But Capcom has more to push than just Village. They’ve got to convince people that Resident Evil Re:Verse, the online component that ships with Village is worth playing. Re:Verse will be in open beta this April 7th – 11th, but we’re not convinced that Resident Evil really needs an online mode. Resident Evil Outbreak wasn’t awful but you can’t move for zombie modes; Re:Verse will have to pretty special if Capcom’s going to get any of that sweet, sweet, microtransaction money.


The press release accompanying Showcase announcement also hints at something to commemorate Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary; what could it be? A “Jill Sandwich” tie-in with Subway? A Resident Evil Re-Remake? Or, as has been rumoured, will we be getting a new Resident Evil 4? We’ll have to wait till April to find out.