Tomy and Sega Are Making Super Soft Sonic Plushies

Sonic the Hedgehog Plush

Tomy and Sega have joined forces to create a new line of Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys, starting with Sonic the Hedgehog’s head. Yaaay.. we, er, think.

Tomy will be producing a “Super-Soft Club Mocchi- Mocchi- plush line paying homage to the Blue Blur”, which sounds absolutely adorable. Barring the infamous “Kill Me Now” Sonic the Hedgehog ice-cream, you can never have too much Sonic merchandise. Except that the first of Tomy’s Club Mocchi Sonic toys is a giant, plush Sonic head.

Yes, it’s cute and we’re sure it’s huggable as hell, but there’s something not quite right about having a single, disembodied Sonic head around. We keep imagining the end of Seven, with Amy Rose in the Brad Pitt role and Tails as Morgan Freeman. If you were to put Sonic’s head on a bedside cabinet or pillow we’d be afraid to go to sleep.

Sonic the Hedgehog Seven

Still, this is just one of many toys and we have faith that the rest will be a little less disturbing. We’re not sure how much money changed hands to make this deal happen but you can bet that, given Sonic’s popularity (despite having one good game in fifteen years), this will be a winner for both parties.