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Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition is the Best Way to Play on Consoles

Two Point Hospital review

Out now, Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition bundles the base game with all DLC currently available on consoles.

If you already own Two Point Hospital on Xbox, PlayStation or Switch, it might not be the most appealing prospect. But if you’ve so far slept on this excellent hospital management sim, there’s never been a better time to jump in. There’s a whopping four expansions included (Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Close Encounters and Off the Grid) along with two item packs (Retro and Exhibition). Basically then, Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition is the best way to play.

Perhaps the only downside to Two Point Hospital‘s additional content is that you need to progress so far through the base game before you can access it. It’s a little annoying if you’ve played before, but are starting from scratch on a new game file or new format. But it makes sense if you’re just starting out, as those early levels are paramount in teaching you the ropes.

The Off the Grid DLC adds three new locations to the game set in more remote corners of Two Point County. In those new locations you’ll encounter 35 new illnesses, three of which require all-new cure machines to treat them. Close Encounters also adds three new locations and 34 new illnesses and, along with those two item packs, there are 100s of new items to be placed in your hospitals.

Essentially a spiritual successor to the 90s phenomenon that was Theme HospitalTwo Point Hospital puts you in charge of designing and running a number of hospitals. This isn’t a serious medical sim, though; it’s filled with humour, ridiculous illnesses and chaos at every turn. You’ll be treating patients with the likes of ‘Grey Anatomy’, ‘Inflated Ego’ and ‘Jest Infection’ – or attempting to, anyway. Even with your best efforts, some of them will die. And that just means the janitors have ghosts to deal with along with the mounting piles of rubbish and broken machines.

Two Point Hospital is one of the best sim games out there, in our opinion anyway. It never takes itself too seriously and introduces its mechanics steadily so even the most beginner of beginners can get to grips with it. If you loved Theme HospitalTwo Point Hospital is a no brainer. And the Jumbo Edition is easily the best way to play. Priced at just £34.99 physically or digitally, it offers the most value for money – and even if you already own the base game, you can buy a digital upgrade to the Jumbo Edition at a reduced price.

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