Where to Find No Swimming Signs in Fortnite


Need some extra cash in Fortnite? Here’s where to find those no swimming signs for NPC quests.

Everyone loves to have a little extra gold in their pockets when they jump into Fortnite. You can use gold to upgrade weapons, buy mechanical parts and more so it’s always good to take quests from NPCs and complete them.

Season 6 Chapter 2 has players sticking it to the man, so to speak, and swimming in no swimming zones for some gold rewards. But where the heck are these areas you’re not meant to swim in? We’ve got your answer.

A few places you can find no swimming signs include:

  • Northwest of Misty Meadows
  • Near the beach on the West side of Salty Sands
  • Near the bottom Southeast corner of the map. Right on the coast near where you can find the NPC Jules
  • Outside of Lazy Lake near the river

Some of these places can be a bit challenging to find but there’s no harm if you don’t complete the mission in time, so if you find an NPC with one of these challenges, they’re always worth picking up. You might just find the no-swimming area you’ve been looking for at random.

Once you find the sign, splash around a bit and you’ll get your gold.

There are loads of other ways to get gold too so be sure to strike up a conversation with an NPC if you see one.