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Xbox Live Has Been Renamed Xbox Network

Xbox Live is now Xbox network, but Xbox Live Gold is still Xbox Live Gold.

We’ll give you a minute to process that and to stem the blood now dribbling from your ears. It sounds absolutely daft but the reason for this change all boils down to the terminology Microsoft used when launching the original Xbox.

Xbox Live originally referred to both Microsoft’s online Xbox infrastructure and the Xbox Live player vs player online service which eventually became Xbox Live Gold. As reported by The Verge, Microsoft is now calling Xbox Live “Xbox network” to avoid confusion between Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold.

Brain still hurting? Ours too. But, basically, Microsoft are trying to to make it clearer just what you’re getting when you access or buy their services. Seeing mention of “Xbox Live”, players could potentially think they were getting free online gaming when, barring a few titles, playing Xbox titles online requires a subscription.

That said, there’s also Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which also includes Xbox Live Gold.. and, well, we’ll leave Microsoft to deal with that later.

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