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The Elder Scrolls Online Next Gen

A Next-Gen Version of the Elder Scrolls Online Arrives This June

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The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S/X upgrade.

You’ll have to wait, not as long as we’ve all been waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI, but as of this June, this fantasy MMORPG will get a new next-generation console release. Hurrah!

That said, some of you may be wondering what the big deal is. It’s not a proper Elder Scrolls game, right? You’d think so but, playing it two years after launch, we found that it was more than just some hastily cobbled together online hack-em-up. And with all the expansion packs, add-ons, tweaks and more since then it could well be worth diving into, especially if you’ve got it free on Xbox Game Pass.

Aside from looking prettier, The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced (to give it its proper title) will have faster loading times and the choice of a 60FPS mode or a 30FPS 4K mode. It will also sport an improved draw distance which, given how good Elder Scrolls games usually look, we’re definitely on board for.

You’ll be able purchase the next-generation version of The Elder Scrolls Online this June 8th or, if you already own the game you’ll get access to the new version for free. You can check out the next-gen trailer here.

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