Among Us’s New Airship Map is Now Out

Among Us Airship

Among Us’s new Airship map is out right now, and it’s a lot of fun.

Granted, Among Us was a lot of fun with two maps but the new third map gives an already good game a real shot in the arm. Like the other Among Us levels, the airship level sees you completing various tasks while trying to figure out which of the human players is the impostor. Or, if you’re the impostor, you’re trying to kill everyone before they figure out who you are.

What makes Airship so interesting is that it introduces some very cool new mechanics. After each meeting you get a choice of three spawn points so, even if there’s just you and two other players left, the impostor can’t murder you from the word go. On top of that, there are one way platforms and a range of other features to make things tricker, whether you’re the good guy or the bad guy.

That said, we were a bit miffed we couldn’t just wrench an assault rife off the gun display, though no doubt there’ll be a mod soon to let you do that. Whatever format you’re on, Among Us’s latest update should add the new map to your game.