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Andaseat T Pro 2

andaseaT T-Pro 2 Gaming Chair Review

Whether you sit in front of a screen to work or play games for a considerable amount of time each day, you need to have a chair that’s comfortable, hardwearing, and good for your posture.

If you’re on the bigger side, the andaseaT T-Pro 2 may just be the chair for you. This heavy duty chair has a maximum load of 200kg, giving you confidence that you can sit in it day after day without it falling apart from around you. Even better, it’s comfy, and looks rather nice too.

With an RRP of £399.99, the andaseaT T-Pro 2 gaming chair comes in three colours: blue and black, black and grey, or just plain old black. Whichever you choose, it’s delivered well-packed in a large box, which you’ll need two people to move around as it weighs more than 30kg. You’ll probably need two people to build it, too, as even some of the individual pieces are pretty hefty.

Inside the box you’ll find a user manual, which is the first thing you should pull out. It includes a handy visual guide of all of the chair components included in the box, as well as installation instructions. Anyone that has put an office chair together before will find it fairly standard stuff.

First you connect the wheels to the aluminium base, then you insert the piston into the base and place the dust cover over the top. There are no tools required for this task, so it really is nice and easy – the wheels just need a bit of force behind them to get them in, that’s all. Putting the base and wheels aside, you then connect the two armrests to the seat of the chair. For that you need eight of the included bolts, and the included oversized Allen key which makes tightening them a cinch.

Andaseat T Pro 2

Attaching the backrest to the seat is probably the hardest part of setup. After removing four bolts from the backrest, you need to line it up perfectly with the brackets protruding from the seat before securing it in place with the bolts you previously removed. This is almost certainly a two-person job, as it’s hard to keep the backrest held in place while also making sure the bolt holes like up.

Still, once you’ve done that you’re nearly there. All you need to do after is attach the side covers with a further two longer bolts, then attach the adjusting mechanism to the underside of the seat with the remaining four bolts. With the actual seat then all assembled, you then just need to locate the adjusting mechanism onto the base, and the chair is ready for action.

Sitting in the chair for the first time, you’ll find that it’s firm but very comfortable. Also, with the chair’s covering being made from what andaseaT calls “AD alpha Linen Fabric”, it’s soft yet durable, and doesn’t feel cold to sit on like leather often does. On warm days, you won’t find yourself sticking to it, either.

For additional comfort, lumbar and head pillows are also included. The lumbar pillow just sits in place, while the head pillow is attached via a  strap with a buckle. They’re entirely optional, ensuring that you’re in control of your comfort. Personally I found the head pillow unnecessary, but I can’t do without the lumbar pillow – it adds so much comfort.

Andaseat T Pro 2

In terms of function, you can, of course, raise and lower the height of the chair with the simple use of the adjuster just under the right hand side of the chair. An adjuster on the underside of the left hand side of the chair, meanwhile, allows you to toggle the chairs rocking function – great for those who like to lean back from time to time. A lever on the right hand side of the chair also allows you to recline the backrest.

The armrests are perhaps the worst aspect of the andaseaT T-Pro 2 gaming chair. They’re solid enough, and you have a great number of options when it comes to their placement; you can raise and lower them, slide them forward and back, and even slide them in and out and rotate them. With so much movement available, however, they feel a little wobbly, and in use their natural movement can be a little noisy. Their largely plastic construction also goes against the general premium construction of the seat otherwise.

On the whole though, the andaseaT T-Pro 2 is a very good gaming chair that balances comfort, durability and functionality rather well. You can sit in it for hours without any issues, and that’s largely thanks to just how many options there are to tailor it to your preferences. Beyond the typical height adjustment and rocker settings found on nearly all gaming chairs, being able to adjust the backrest and make use of both lumbar and head pillows takes it to the next level. The linen finish of the chair deserves a special mention as well, thanks to its thick premium feel.

If you’re after a high quality gaming chair for your office that’s suitable for a bigger frame, the andaseaT T-Pro 2 comes highly recommended.

An andaseaT T-Pro 2 was provided to GameSpew for the purposes of this review. You can view the full gaming chair range on the official andaseaT website.

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