Apocalyptic Survival Game Sheltered is Getting a Sequel This Year

Sheltered 2

Five years after its release, apocalyptic survival sim Sheltered is getting a sequel.

We thoroughly enjoyed Sheltered back in 2016. With a pixel art style, a 2D point of view and simple mechanics, it offered an excellent entry point into the survival genre. Though never too overwhelming, it offered just enough depth to keep you fully engrossed, going back for more.

But with five years more experience under its belt, developer Unicube isn’t coming back with a more-of-the-same type of sequel. Scheduled to release later this year, Sheltered 2 is an evolution over its predecessor in numerous ways.

To start with, gone is the pixelated art style. In its place, Sheltered 2 boasts a gorgeous 3D art style, giving more detail to your shelter and its inhabitants than ever before. But that’s just the beginning. There’s also a new combat system, and the introduction of factions and challenges. There’s a bigger emphasis on strategy, so if you struggled to survive the first time around, you’ll really need to up your game here.

In Sheltered 2, you’ll create a new faction leader, the person in charge of managing all resources and keeping tabs on everyone’s needs. Like the first game, your survivors will need to be fed and watered, but that’s just the start of it. Their health needs to be monitored, so you’ll need a supply of medicine – and you’ll need to be eagle-eyed for any incoming threats.

The role of factions is new to Sheltered 2 and it provides the backbone to the game. You’ll need to use your role as faction leader to forge relationships with other factions in order to access supplies. If you want to go the friendly route, that is; you can always cement your position as a threat by taking what you need with force.

There’s no release date for Sheltered 2 just yet outside of “later this year”. It’ll be coming to Steam and, while there’s no word on a console release just yet, it’s likely to follow.

Watch the trailer below.