Biomutant’s New Trailer Shows Off its Gorgeous World

Biomutant (1)

Open world adventure BioMutant has a new trailer that shows off the realm you get to mess around in.

And yes, we fully intend to waste hours just poking around; with a world that looks this gorgeous, you can be we’re going to investigate every nook and cranny. Yes, there’s a world-ending catastrophe going on but, having watched this new trailer, we’re dying to go to the highest mountain we can find and just gaze down in awe. Apologies to Biomutant’s characters but you’re going to have to wait for the Tree of Life to get sorted. Let’s hope the developers don’t add a photo mode because if they do the world is totally screwed.

Gawping at the scenery aside, the trailer also shows off some of the ways you can get around, from running to riding, to floating. Yes, being able to climb aboard some sort of robot horse is cool but it’s the protagonist’s squat little bat-winged mount that really had us going “awww”.

Even better, BioMutant is nearly upon us. It’s set for a May 25th release on PS4, Xbox One and PC both as a standard edition and a couple of expensive but so very, very, tempting collector’s editions. But, hey, who needs to eat when you’ve got a high detail diorama?

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