Can You Turn Off Returnal Mid-Run?

Returnal review

If you’re playing Returnal, you might be wondering whether it’s safe for you to turn off the game mid-run. Well, is it?

We’ve got bad news for you: you can’t save Returnal part-way through a run. If you’re still going, and you turn off the game, you’ll lose your progress, starting back from the ship when you turn it back on.

If you need to leave your console before you’re finished with Returnal, your only options are to either pause your game, or put your console into rest mode. Putting it into rest mode ensures the current state of your game will still be available when you wake your console back up.


But it’s not all bad. A run through Returnal rarely lasts more than two hours, and that’s if you’re really lucky. Chances are you’ll have met your demise long before that. Make sure you always have adequate time before you start a new run, and only quit the game when you’re done. The game will autosave any permanent upgrades you’ve unlocked during your run, so you don’t need to worry about losing any of those.

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