Check Out Returnal’s New Launch Trailer


Returnal, Housemarque’s time-looping shooter has a final launch trailer.

Returnal is nearly upon us! That might not mean a lot if you’ve no interest in Sony’s huge but hard-to-find console, but this PS5 exclusive has been raising a lot of eyebrows. We’ve already shared our thoughts on the first few levels, stating that “our first few hours with the game have already cemented this as a must-play.”

Now, with the game set to launch tomorrow, Sony and Housemarque have released a trailer for the title, which sees you dying then returning to life, again and again and again, on a hostile alien planet.


The trailer features a blend of action and in-game cutscenes, including a disturbing moment when protagonist Selene discovers what looks to be here own corpse; at least, it’s someone wearing the same kind of spacesuit as her.

You can check out the trailer below or get your hands on Returnal when it launches tomorrow. If you’re still on the fence, our review will drop later today.


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