Days Gone is Riding Onto the PC This May

Days Gone PC

PC gamers will soon get their their hands on bikers vs. zombies action game Days Gone.

Originally a Playstation 4 title, this open world title has you roaming the world scavenging, shooting and driving the hell away from the hordes of zombies that will chase you down given half the chance. We gave it a massive 9 out of 10, calling it “a massive adventure filled with heart.”

Others weren’t so kind, and the title proved to be a little divisive; it’s been rumoured a sequel was pitched but wasn’t taken up by Sony. But, while it’s been a two year wait, this May PC players will get the chance to experience Days Gone, 

It is going to be worth playing on PC? Almost certainly, unless the port’s been really, really messed up. But what we’re really looking forward to is the prospect of the many, mods we’ll inevitably get. We’re imagining an entire horde of Macho Man Randy Savages, or a mod that lets you spawn zombies wherever you want, just so you can watch other NPCs deal with them.

Days Gone will hit the PC this May 18th, available, amongst others, through the Epic Games Store and the Steam Store.