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Does Balan Wonderworld Have Online or Local Co-op?

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Pretty much every game is better when you can play it with a friend or family member, and so if you’re interested in Balan Wonderworld you might be wondering if it has online or local multiplayer features.

A colourful 3D platformer, Balan Wonderworld offers a fairly lengthy single-player adventure. The good news is, however, that the game doesn’t have to be played alone; local co-op support is included, allowing two players to team up while sat on the couch. It’s not split-screen though – both players need to keep within a short distance of each other. Knowing that, what might be disappointing to many is that there’s no online co-op.

To play Balan Wonderworld in local co-op, players need to select the “Play With a Friend” option on the main menu; unfortunately a second player can’t just drop in during the middle of a single player game. And of course, the second player will need their own controller. Playing Balan Wonderworld in co-op has real benefits, too; with both players able to collect and select their own outfits, a wider range of abilities can be pooled, making collecting Balan Statues much easier. So, if you have a copy of the game and a second controller, perhaps try to get a friend or family member involved the next time you play.

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