Fall Guys Plushies Are Coming and We Want Them

Fall Guys Plush

Do you want a Fall Guys plushie? Well, you can’t have them. They’re ours. All of them.

Okay, maybe we’re overreacting a bit but we’ve wanted a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout plush for ages and now, thanks to Moose Toys and Devolver Digital, they’re becoming a reality. Sure there have been knock-off Fall Guys soft toys for a while now, typically available through AliExpress and their ilk. But, having grown up with consumer outrage show Watchdog, we’re afraid that if we buy an unofficial Fall Guys toy, its head will fall off to reveal a twelve inch metal spike.

The partnership between Moose Toys and Devolver Digital isn’t stopping at just Fall Guys soft toys, either; there’ll be action figures, collectibles and more. The smart move would be include an in-game skin with certain toys, or something that ties into the knockout nature of the game.


There’s no news on when the toys will be available, but you can guarantee that there’ll be something on the shelves my Christmas as Moose Toys would be mad to miss out on that particular push. Now if only someone would do the same for Among Us….