FIA’s Gran Turismo Championships Are Back For 2021

The FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships are back this year which, given the current circumstances, seems wholly appropriate.

Let’s face it, nearly other event has been virtual so FIA’s Gran Turismo Championships, a tournament that takes place inside a racing video game, has a head start. The championships are set to start this April 21st, concluding in December.

That’s not to say participants will be going full out till Christmas; the tournament, which takes place in Gran Turismo Sport, is chunked into different parts, as follows:

  • Online Stage 1
  • World Series 1 & 2
  • World Series Showdown
  • Online Stage 2
  • World Series 3 & 4
  • World Finals

The tournament, including prize presentations, is set to take place entirely online. You can find full details of the tournament here, but if you want to participate you need to sign up through Gran Turismo Sport.

We’d apply ourselves but our first instinct, upon getting our hands on a racing game, is to turn around and drive round the track the wrong way, just to see what happens and cause as much mayhem as we can. We suspect that kind of behaviour would be frowned upon by FIA and friends.