For the Love of God, Outriders, Just Give Us More Legendaries

I’ve not checked my play time counter for Outriders for a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be somewhere around the 100-hour mark by now.

After completing the main campaign and tidying up all the side quests, I’ve been spending a couple of hours every evening blazing through Outriders‘ Expedition mode. Or at least trying to blaze through it. Expeditions are Outriders‘ answer to end-game content. They’re most akin to Diablo III’s Greater Rifts. Against the clock, you power through hordes of enemies on a map, only being rewarded with loot when you’re done.

There’s one big, stonking difference between Outriders and Diablo III though: the amount of top-tier loot it throws at you. As someone who has poured hundreds of hours into Diablo III, not batting an eyelid at enemies on Torment XVI difficulty level, I’m used to seeing golden loot rain from the skies. In Diablo, Blizzard has taken the noble approach of the more, the merrier when it comes to dishing out legendary equipment to players. Kitting out your character with the very best weapons and armour is child’s play. The real fun is figuring out what best build to put together (the answer is a Whirlwind Barbarian, every time).


That’s not so much the case in Outriders. Even on the highest Expedition level currently available – Challenge Tier 15 – you only have a 25% chance of a legendary item dropping if you finish an Expedition on gold. And let me tell you now, unless you already have an excellent set of Legendary armour, you ain’t finishing an Expedition on gold. Finishing on silver halves that drop rate to 12.5% (and bronze halves it again to 6.25%). That’s only on the very highest Tier, too. Every tier up to that point has a much lower drop rate.

In working my way up to Challenge Tier 15, and having played through more Expeditions than I care to remember, I can count on one hand the amount of legendary items I’ve been rewarded. And of those legendary items, only one was any good for my character and build.

That’s the thing: on top of the actual item drop rate being low, the chances of that particular item having the stats and skills that you want is even lower. So, People Can Fly, would it really hurt to be just a little more generous? After all, we just want to get stronger so we can put even more hours into your game. Cut us a little slack and give us the rewards we want. You don’t have to rain them from the sky, Diablo III style. Just an extra one or two here than there would go a long way.