2The Division 2

A post-apocalyptic setting? Check. An open world, ripe for your exploring? Check. Endless amounts of enemies to take down and plenty of loot to pick up? Check, check. While The Division 2 might be a little more realistic and grounded, it’s still an easy choice if you’re looking for the best games like Fallout 4. You might not find any mutated monsters here – your enemies are typically human – but that doesn’t make them any less of a threat.

Set in Washington DC, you take on the role of a Division Agent; a special arm of the government sent to deal with the aftermath of a deadly virus that’s wiped out much of the population. You’ll patrol the streets of DC, taking out threats, exploring, finding better equipment, and generally having a whale of a time as you become hard-as-nails. As far as games like Fallout 4 go, it might not be set quite so far into a post-apocalyptic future (and there’s no dog companion), but it captures a lot of the same feeling.

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