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Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is Coming to Steam Early Access

Getsufumaden? Bless you.

What if I told you Konami had decided they were going leap back into the 2D action RPG fray with a new game, a game that has its roots all the way back in the days of the NES? You’d think “Castlevania!”, right? And you’d do a little dance around the room with your Alucard body pillow.

But, as it turns out, Konami still have zero interest in resurrecting Castlevania. Their new game, Getsufumaden: Undying Moon, is based on a 1987 NES title called Getsu Fūma Den, and takes place in a realm inhabited by horrifying Japanese spirits. As Getsu Fuma, it’s your job to use the gift of violence to send them all back to hell.

Konami have released a teaser trailer, and are dubbing the game a “retroidvania”, apparently they’re not even using the “C” word. But it looks absolutely gorgeous in action; there’s something both appealing and sinister about the enemies who, with their big smiles, are happy to rend you to pieces.

You won’t have to wait long for Getsufumaden: Undying Moon either. It’s full release might be a while off but it’s hitting Steam Early Access this May 13th, at a price of £19.99. It’ll also be hitting the Nintendo Switch some time next year.

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