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Balan Wonderworld

How Long Does it Take to Beat Balan Wonderworld?

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A colourful 3D platformer, Balan Wonderworld offers a sizeable adventure depending on how invested you want to get into it.

With a hub world in which you can nurture and develop creatures called Tims, and many themed worlds each consisting of two stages and a boss fight, a playthrough of Balan Wonderworld is likely to take most players about 12 hours. For those who are enjoying their time with the game, however, there’s much more to do to extend that playing time.

Upon completing the game, for example, and additional stage is opened up in each of the game’s worlds. Completing those might add yet another 6 hours or so to the game. Some might want to collect all of the Balan Statues found in the game, too, which requires revisiting many of the game’s stages and making effective use of costumes. So, while a simple playthrough of Balan Wonderworld is like to take about 12 hours, those wanting to see and do everything it has to offer might end up playing it for 20 hours or more.

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