How Long Does It Take to Beat Returnal?

If you’re just starting Returnal, you might be wondering how long it will take to beat the game. Well, here’s what you need to know.

Returnal, the PS5-exclusive game from Housemarque, the developer known for titles such as Alienation and Resogun, is a roguelike game. That means there’s no definitive run time, as one person’s run will differ from the next person’s.

If you die, you’ll go back to the beginning, and so the time you spend with the game might depend somewhat on your skill level.


Technically, if the planets aligned, you had a perfect run and were gifted at playing the game, you might complete Returnal in four or five hours. Or at least see the credits run. But that’s highly unlikely to happen. Realistically, around 20 hours feels like an average run time based on our experience. How long it takes you to beat Returnal may vary somewhat, but that’s a fair estimate.

But even once you’ve seen the credits roll, there’s plenty more to do, thanks to the possibility of uncovering extra story scenes. There are also daily challenges to take part in, so even once you’ve completed the game there’s numerous reasons to keep going back.

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