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How Many Costumes Are There in Balan Wonderworld?

balan wonderworld

Costumes determine your abilities in Balan Wonderworld – depending on what you’re wearing, you might not even be able to jump.

You start Balan Wonderworld with zero costumes, but as you make your way through the game’s many worlds, you continually find new ones to add to your repertoire. Each world has a handful of unique costumes for you to collect, though to do so you’ll need to first find keys that allow you to open the prisms they’re contained in. And of the costumes you’ve collected, you can choose three to carry with you to switch between at will. Visit a checkpoint and stand still on it to open up the dressing room where you can peruse the costumes you’ve unlocked and select the three you want.

Overall, there are 80 costumes in Balan Wonderworld, though you can’t wear all of them at will. You see, 6 of the costumes available simply initiate a minigame when collected. These include everything from bowling to a penalty shootout, and once they’re over you’re simply awarded some crystals based on your performance and returned to the game. We should also note that while every single costume has a unique look, many of them offer similar skills. There are multiple costumes that simply offer long-range attacks, for example, while many offer ways to cover large gaps. Still, it’s fun finding them all and discovering how they can be used to collect all of the Balan Statues available in the game.

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