How to Change the World Tier in Outriders


If you want the best loot in Outriders, you need to play on the highest World Tier you possibly can.

While Outriders doesn’t have traditional difficulty levels, its World Tier system allows you to make the game easier or harder. At higher World Tier levels, the enemies you face are tougher to beat but they award more experience and drop better loot. So, if you want to get more epic and legendary items, you need to have the World Tier set as high as you can.

When you start Outriders, the World Tier is set at 1. To raise the World Tier, you need to win combat encounters until the World Tier bar, placed just under your experience bar on the game’s HUD, fills up. When the World Tier bar is filled, you move up to the next World Tier, increasing the difficulty of the game and also giving you some rewards. Be careful though, as if you die multiple times the World Tier bar can also go down. You’ll never lose the World Tiers you’ve unlocked, but your progress towards the next World Tier can be halted.


From World Tier 4 onwards, whenever you go up a World Tier, you gain a permanent reward in that you can equip items that are one level higher than you could previously. So, for example, at World Tier 11 you can equip level 30 items when you’re character level 22. You’ll need it though, because at World Tier 11 enemies can be tough. The maximum World Tier in Outriders is 15.

Upon each increase of your World Tier, you also gain a reward that you need to claim. Handily, to claim it you need to go to the same place where you manage your World Tier. To access Outriders‘ World Tier screen, bring up the game’s main menu by pressing the options/menu button etc. and then select the World Tier option that’s displayed at the top. From there, you can claim any rewards you have for moving up World Tiers, as well as change your World Tier if you wish. Though note that you can only switch between the World Tiers you’ve unlocked.

Don’t be afraid to lower the World Tier if you’re struggling, as you can always raise it again at a later date to try and unlock higher Tiers. You can also turn off the setting that automatically raises the World Tier if you think it might help. Just remember that you’ll want to raise the World Tier if you want the best loot, however.